Januar 2018:

Die Webseite wurde gehackt und mit einem generierten Spam Forum überschrieben. Zum Glück konnte die Seite

(fast) vollständig wiederhergestellt werden.

November 2016:

wxBasic wurde veröffentlicht

  • chmod command added
  • on macOS w/o starting parameters an open dialog is shown
  • latest Version of wxEditor (4.1.9) added to windows setups

September 2016:


wxEditor 4.1.9 veröffentlicht

  - add: tab for new file
  - add: Page Setup
  - add: Page Preview
  - fix: print with correct margin width
  - add: internal bind with console interpreter
  - change: search for classes
  - change: more informations about members in a calltip,
    when the mouse is over a class and his member
  - change: reference file format
    append return values and parents of classes in the referencefile,
    the values are wrapped from the source files of wxbasic
  - change: decompress interpreter, if it is already compressed
  - fix: memory issues
  - fix: bug in lexer files
  - other issues

April 2016:


wxEditor 4.1.8 veröffentlicht

  - fix: bug in replace icon, if wxbasic.exe is not in project directory
  - fix: view popup menu
  - fix: marker colours after file saveas
  - fix: bug in goto error while starting
  - fix: goto bookmark, if lines are hidden
  - add: save hidden lines for files in session
  - add: option to insert double quotation mark and closed braces automatically

März 2016:


wxEditor 4.1.7 veröffentlicht

  - fix: another memory bug
  - fix: start from commandline
  - fix: show calltips

Februar 2016:


wxEditor 4.1.6 veröffentlicht

  - fix: memory bug
  - fix: bug in execute temporary file

wxEditor 4.1.5 veröffentlicht

  - fix: bug in calltips
  - fix: memory issue in some subs

Januar 2016:


wxEditor 4.1.4 veröffentlicht

  - fix: bug in empty files
  - fix: lexer handling
  - fix: upx don't compress icons anymore
  - add: python lexer
  - update reference file
  - remove class help from help menu,
    new class help as calltip
    leave the mouse 2 seconds over a class/member and a calltip is shown
    right click during the calltip is open opens a menu for the wxWidgets help
    the class help routine is is not perfect. it scans the code for finding the declarations.
    especially with tables or lists this routine can't find the correctly declarations always.
  - add icons to the popup menu
  - overworking some routines

August 2015:

wxBasic wurde veröffentlicht

  • use Visual Studio 2013 Express Edition with Platformtoolset v120 (instead of 7.1)
  • BUGFIX: in wxReportWriter for Unicode and wx3.0
  • start compatibility with wx3.0
  • version numbers moved from shared.h to shared.c (compile time issue)
  • added: wxGraphicsContext, wxGLCanvas (OpenGL)
  • modified: wxSound
  • BUGFIX: CDbEngine::Field() float column with . instead of any other char and ignoring precision

Januar 2015:


wxEditor 4.1.3 veröffentlicht

  - add: close tab question
  - fix: close file
  - fix: move file to project folder
  - fix: language selection
  - change: date in file info


November 2014:

wxBasic wurde veröffentlicht

  • wxDatabaseLayer enhanced (database cursors functionality, dbms infos and some utf-8 conversion problems fixed)
  • wxDb replaced by wxDatabaseLayer (just supporting ODBC, Sqlite)
  • compatibility and enhance layers (wxDbEngine/wxDbRecordset) updated

August 2014:


wxEditor 4.1.2 veröffentlicht

- bugfix: error on changing lexer fonts
- bugfix: other little errors- bug


Juli 2014:

wxBasic wurde veröffentlicht

  • BUGFIX: free up memory w/o deallocate or with direct call to destructor via ~obj
  • wxBase + wxNet + wxXml revised
  • wxbc - added a "Console Version of wxBasic" just with wxBase + wxNet + wxXml parts of wxWidgets
  • Added: wxSimpleHtmlListBox
  • Added: wxHtmlCellEvent
  • Enhanced: wxBitmap, wxMask, wxRegion; be careful with wxRegion::Subtract, para has changed!
  • samples has line-feed as line ending, some fixes for linux and OS X

wxEditor 4.1.1 veröffentlicht

- bugfix: wxEditor crashed on changing colours


Mai 2014:


wxBasic Version veröffentlicht:
- bugfix: workaround for current mysql odbc driver error (dbRecordset)

Das komplette Changelog ist auf der Homepage einsehbar. 


Mai 2011:


wxBasic Version veröffentlicht:
- bugfix: try/catch/end try
- bugfix: val("") delivered undefined number instead of 0
- bugfix: replace command, first param was not interpreted correctly
- osx: run multiple wxbasic scripts in own processes
- osx: got an about and open menu if started without params